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Travel and research work in Paris

Presentation of the Finance Act 2020 at Ernst & Young law firm


- Thursday, January 23th, 2020

Thursday, January 23rd, the Corporate Tax Law Master's students had the honor to benefit from an in-depth presentation of the Finance Act 2020, by Jérôme Ardouin and Mathieu Ferré, and more particularly on the stakes of anti-hybrid devices.  

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The Master's students would like to thank the firm Ernst & Young, and more particularly Jérôme Ardouin and Mathieu Ferré, for welcoming them and presenting them the Finance Act 2020 and its stakes. 

Presentation on the issues of wealth taxation and corporate restructuring at Delsol Avocats

- Friday, January 24th, 2020

In the morning of Friday 24th January, the Master's students were received by the law firm Delsol Avocats. This meeting was an opportunity for the students to hear from tax lawyers about their careers, their missions and their views on various current issues.


 The Master's students would like to thank Delsol Avocats for welcoming them and for this fruitful exchange on the challenges of taxation and the future of a tax specialist.  

Presentation of the new Lexis 360 platform at LexisNexis


- Friday, January 24th, 2020

A meeting was organized by the LexisNexis tax research team and the IT services team together for the students of the Master's Degree. The new Lexis 360 platform was discussed, as well as the challenges of data in legal research. 

Voyage Paris 5.jpg

The Master's students would like to thank the LexisNexis teams for the time devoted to the students, as well as for raising awareness of data issues in scientific and legal research. 

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