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Tax Law and abandonment of territories

This seminar, under the direction of Professor Olivier DEBAT, led to various fascinating debate on tax incentive mechanisms and current challenges in terms of development and revitalisation of territories.

The Master's students had the honour of receiving Mr Thierry RAVOT, Regional Director of the "Banque des territoires Occitane" for a speech dedicated to regional news and economic development issues.

The seminar was then concluded with a guided tour of the exhibition "D'ici et de maintenant" by photographer Thomas Catifait currently on display at the Bibliothèque Universitaire de l'Arsenal of the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole.

Thanks to M. Thierry RAVOT for his participation and M. Olivier DEBAT, Mme Marie MERLI, Mme Marie-Agnès CANIHAC, Mme Lycette CONDE, Mme Rachel GARCIA, M. Omri SCHWARTZ, Mme Souad GUEFAF, Mme Elodie FELIX, M. Quentin RAINAUT and M. Thomas POUJOL.

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