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Art and Tax Law

The first part of the seminar dealt with the art market. This part underlined the fact that France is "The breadbasket of the world". Moreover, the acquisition of an artwork must first of all be motivated by a passion for Art.

The second part dealt with the various advantageous tax arrangements applicable to the art market.

The conclusion of this seminar was to underline that investing in Art has many advantages but that must be accompanied by professionals.

Thanks to the different speakers for this productive seminar :

M. Éric Bachmann : Founder and associate at "Patrimum Groupe"

Maître Marc Labarbe : Auctioneer at "Maison Labarbe"

M. Olivier Debat : Associate Professor et co-director the Corporate Tax Law Master's degree

Mme Lo Wing, Mme Garcia et M. Puissant : doctoral students in Tax Law

Mme Elodie FELIX : Student in charge of the project

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