Master's Degree admission

Recruitment level : 

Access condition : 

- a Master 1 in Tax Law

- a Master 1 in Business Law

- a Master 1 in Corporate Law

- a Master 1 in Business Law and Taxation 

- a degree deemed equivalent 

How to apply : 

Required for application : 

- proof of civil registration

- detailed record of the student's course of study

- diplomas, certificates and transcripts

- cover letter outlining the professional project

- a resume 

- a certificate and/or diploma specific to the nature of the courses 

- possibly, one or more letter of recommendation

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What's next ?  

The opportunities : 

- Attorney in tax law (subject to obtaining the CAPA)

- Corporate tax lawyer

- Tax lawyer in banks

- Wealth manager

- Agent of the tax authorities

- Doctorate (for those who will choose the research path)