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Corporate Tax Law Master's Degree 


Deans' presentation

      Directed by Professor Vincent Dussart until 2019, the Master II in Tax Law trains high-level tax specialists. Preferably aimed at students who have already had a general education in tax law, the Master II aims to perfect this education by taking a more in-depth and practical approach to the subject. Thanks to the combination of recognised practitioners and a strong, diversified team of academics - including both public and private practitioners - the courses offered provide students with a detailed, practical knowledge of tax law in all its aspects: corporate and personal taxation; domestic and international taxation; tax advice and tax litigation.

In addition, because theory and practice should not be pitted against each other, the Master II is open not only to professional students but also to those wishing to go on to a doctorate: a research dissertation is then written in place of the compulsory work placement which completes the practical training in the professional field.

Armed with this knowledge and know-how, graduates of the Master II in Tax Law have a wide range of career opportunities open to them: tax lawyer, in-house tax specialist, consultant in an accountancy firm, asset manager in a financial institution... not forgetting a possible academic career for the few who choose the research route.

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Olivier Debat 

Co-director of Corporate Tax Law Master's Degree

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Gilles Dedeurwaerder

Co-director of Corporate Tax Law Master's Degree


The Corporate Tax Law Masters provides in-depth knowledge of the entire tax system through the acquisition of a theoretical and/or practical grounding in the workings of the tax system.

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The Master's programme covers all aspects of taxation, both personal and corporate, combining theory and practice.

To give you the best possible understanding of tax issues, the Master's programme includes courses in accounting and other areas of business law.

Tax procedure, a fundamental subject in tax law, is taught in depth throughout the course.

The Master's programme offers courses in international taxation, particularly in English, to deal with the challenges of a globalised economy.

The class sponsor


Renaud SALOMON is the sponsor of the class of 2022-2023. A recognised specialist in economic criminal law, he is Advocate General at the Court of Cassation in the First Civil Chamber. Also a teacher and author in his field, he supervises the quarterly column on tax criminal law in the Revue de droit fiscal (LexisNexis).

The Association at your service

The aim of the Master II in Corporate Tax Law Students' Association is to promote and enhance the value of the Master's programme, organise events (conferences, evening events, etc.) and coordinate the various classes of students.


If you have any questions about the Master's programme, feel free to contact the association by email, via the various social networks or using the form below. The students will be happy to answer you.


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